AutoCAD LT is the first choice among all the drafting and detailing software as it increases the productivity of the company with the help of tools which can make accurate and exact technical 2D drawings. The main features of AutoCAD LT comprise recording the ideas in a detailed way. It adjusts the total workflow and can easily collaborate with all the clients and employees of the company. As it is built with all these excellent features, AutoCAD LT is built and developed mainly for professional drafting. A new version of it has been developed which is called AutoCAD LT 2011. The new version brings in more options for accurate control of the 2D drawings. AutoCAD LT 2011 2D software has been released and it is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems which include Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This is good news for all the companies in this sector who want to work fast and more accurately with AutoCAD LT 2011 as it has Windows 7 compatibility.

Following tips help the firms that have shifted to AutoCAD LT 2011 to take full advantage of the up gradation and to speed up the tasks taken in the software.

Tips for AutoCAD LT 2011

Navigate between open DWG files with help of the thumbnail previews:

Find and navigate between open AutoCAD LT 2011 drawing files by placing the cursor over the taskbar icon to display thumbnail images of every open drawing. This saves some time by not opening every image.

Use jump lists to find recent files

Jump list consists of ten recently opened files which can be found by right clicking on the program icon in the taskbar. Make sure that important files always stay on the Jump list using the pushpin icon.

Favorite programs should be pinned

Pin all the programs that they use on a regular basis to the taskbar with the option in the right-click menu and they are launched with a single click.

Using Snap for resizing

Using the Snap two programs can be seen side by side on the screen without any problem. So, while working on AutoCAD LT 2011 one can also use other program which is related to the work which saves some time.

Instant Search to find the files

All the file locations are indexed in windows 7 so results appear as soon as first few letters of the file are typed for search. To make the search even more accurate all the files and folders should be grouped by category.

Saving the work with Backup and Restore

Some times disk may stop working and crash where all files will be lost. Windows Backup helps to store copies of the important files on an external drive and update them. Restore function will help to select the entire backup file when it is needed.

Handling the default printers

When the AutoCAD LT is used on a laptop, it may not find the printer. With Location Aware Printing, The different default printer can be set in any network he has connected to, with the help of Loca.