A new kind of software is going to be launched by Wellington Firm Hapara, which is in full gear to go forward with its plan. The software will have tool for firms and Google Apps will be used for this purpose.
Jan Zawadzki-Hapara Chief executive confirmed that it has been able to resell Google Apps software tools to more than 20 firms and organization based in New Zealand, especially the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Google’s email and messaging software are being used by the foundation offering eyecare to most of the developing countries such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, to have words with the staff, which could be communicated all over the Southeast Asia.

He also added that we have the ability to build them some of simplest ordering tools that will let some of the distant clinics place quick orders for medical equipment and other things. Google all available applications such as Google’s video conferencing software and instant messaging and also collaboration software like Google Docs etc are used by Auckland polytechnic Unitec.

There are other Google clients including communications firm Base Two and Deer Industries New Zealand using Google’ contact software, calendar and email.

Hapara, which was previously known as Cloudbreak feel proud to have developed business tools which has the capacity to synchronize current password system with the help of Google Apps software. It is so simple; you do not require having new user name and a new password. Sometime, such problem occurs but this is a very common problem and there is a great solution for it.

For the time being seven organization and firms of New Zealand are using the Access Manage tool to successfully manage the log-ins of nearly 47,000 users and will launch it in the next few weeks in the Google Apps marketplace, said Mr. Zawadzki.

Moreover, due to the popularity, some other countries like Europe, North and Central America are showing interest in the list of customers.

Google is also being converted by large corporate like Minolta and Motorola. They said that this is the era of global deployment and millions of users need various tools to communicate with each other and we want ours be the first choice.

Business firms and organizations have wide range of products under or in development and it will be a great opportunity to take advantage from the technology as it will make it easier to supervise and control Google Apps tools, according to them.

According to Hapara claims if Google Apps software is used properly it can save millions of dollars plus it will provide fun and interest. An analysis of cost of ownership for Hapara was lately performed for about 350 New Zealand firms which disclosed that it saved around $614,000 within five years just going to Google’s business software tools.

For the time being, Hapara has only small staff including eight members and takes on additional employers when required. However, it anticipates hiring 35 people in near future.