Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment launches Happy Feet Two – The Video Game. It is a 3D musical video game inspired by the animation film ‘Happy Feet Two’ from Warner Bros. Pictures. Happy Feet Two is a sequel of Happy Feet, a computer animated film released in the year 2006. It is a 3D animated family film directed by George Miller, starring Sofia Vergara, Pink, E.G. Daily, Robin Williams and Elijah Wood.

Currently, Happy Feet Two- The Video Game has been made available for PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.

In Happy Feet Two – The Video Game, you will be introduced to the Antarctic world of cooperative puzzles, belly sliding races and penguin dance showdowns. Tapping to the beat of the game’s music, the players will progress through the game with the help of the controller-based dance system of the game.

New dangers threaten the penguin nation in the game. Ramon and Mumble, penguins of the game, work and dance together to save their nation from extinction. Each character’s dance moves are used for recruiting penguins. They have unique abilities which help the player to advance through the adventure, stun enemies and opponents and manipulate the surrounding environment in order to solve the cooperative puzzles.

The game is full 3D in Nintendo 3DS. PlayStation and Xbox 360 versions have been specially made for stereoscopic 3D TV sets. Versions available for Nintendo DS and Wii are available in traditional 2D. Music in the game has been performed and composed by Ozomatli. It is a popular band based in Los Angeles; their music combines salsa, hip hop, cumbia, dancehall, funk, Jamaican raga, Indian raga, samba and meringue forms. The original soundtrack of Happy Feet Two – The Video Game is available at WaterTower Music with all digital retailers. You can buy the Happy Feet Two CD at Amazon.com.

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