The Consumer Reports published in New York by the non profit Consumer Unions have recommended not buying I Phone 4, the latest version brought to you by Apple as it has some problems in its designing. It has got a hardware flaw and not a software problem because of which its signal quality is degraded.

What is this hardware defect?

The problem in this I Phone 4 is regarding its reception. When a user touches a spot on the lower left side of the phone ,where the two external antenna coincides, with his/her finger or hand, the signal can significantly degrade so much that it can lose your connection altogether if you’re in a location where the signal is already weak.

Confirmation of the flaw after testing:

There was a test conducted in the Consumer Union’s radio Frequency isolation chamber where the environment is completely controlled and remains unaffected by the outside radio signals. Three separate I Phone 4 phones were purchased from different retailers in New York and all of them were tested there. All these phones determined the same hardware flaw. Apart from these phones, it also tested AT&T phones (these are the exclusive carriers of I Phone in U.S.A.), I Phone 3G S and the palm Pre but all were absolutely perfect. Only I Phone 4 had the problem of signal loss. If the signal would have been strong, you won’t lose a call in that case.

This is the reason why Consumer Reports have not recommended this phone for its buyers though it is accepting that the other features of the phone like its sharpest display and video camera is superb.

Comment from Apple on this issue:

This smart phone was released on June 24, 2010 and after that the users started complaining about the signal loss problems. They complained that the signal indicator on phone always indicated the weakened signal only. To this complaint, the Apple commented that it would soon release a software update which would solve this problem and refused to accept that there is any flaw in the hardware. According to apple, the issues of signal strength is there because of the fault in its software where it displays two more bars mistakenly which is not required for a given signal strength.

This way there are disputes in the findings of Consumer Reports and the Apple’s comment on it which is not agreeing with the Consumer Reports.

However, Consumer Reports have finally announced that it would not recommend the use of I Phone 4 to its consumers unless the antenna problem is solved by Apple without charging any extra payment from its users to fix the flaw. In fact, challenging the reputation of Apple, it has also demanded that Apple should fix the problem even if they have to pay all the money from their own pocket.

Temporary Solution:

Till the time, Apple comes up with the permanent solution to the problem; a temporary solution is to apply a duct tape, which does not conduct electricity, to the gap so that the chances of signal loss and interference can be reduced and minimized.