I did not know what a NIC card was till I started having problems with my internet connection. For those of you who do not know what this is I will explain it to you. The NIC card in full is known as the network interface card. It is this device that allows one to connect to the internet. It does not matter if you are connecting through a modem or a router for your home network. Thus if your computer is failing to connect to the internet the problem would be a fault with the NIC card. When I was facing this problem I came to learn that it was my NIC card that was faulty and I learnt this by following some trouble shooting steps. If you are facing similar problems you can follow the following steps.

What do I do?

You can unplug the Ethernet cable and connect it directly to the modem. This is so as to establish if the problem is with the router and not the network interface card. You should then try accessing any site to see if there will be any connection problem.To establish if the problem is with the modem one should switch off the modem and removing the cable from the back. You should then wait for some little time approximately half a minute and then connect back the modem. You should then try accessing any site.

You should then go to the control panel. You should double click on the icon ‘network and sharing center’. You will then find a link labeled ‘diagnose and repair’. You should click on this link. You should then wait for a few moments to establish if the problem is with the internet service provider.If the problem still does not go away you should select the icon that says ‘device manager’ .while there you should go to the icon that says ‘network adapters’. When you click on it, it will give you a variety of options and you should right click on your network interface card. You should then choose the option to update the drivers.

You should then restart the computer. After restarting it you should try accessing the web again. The computer might fail to load windows vista operating system after installing the new driver but this should not worry you. Just press the F8 key on the key board immediately the logo appears.You should then select the option to start the computer in safe mode. Download the latest version of the latest driver of your NIC card and transfer it to your computer that’s running in safe mode. Once you install the driver you should then restart your computer.You should then see if the NIC card is properly fixed into the PCI slot. If not, fix it properly.Replace the card if the problem persists.