There are various versions of the Sony PS3 which have had different hard drive sizes, and configurations. Those who’ve not got the 250GB model have started feeling cramped with lower capacity hard-drive; but, unfortunately, Sony PS3 is not a PC that you can simply upgrade the hard drive. It takes much more than purchasing a new hard drive in order to replace a low capacity hard drive with a higher one. You got it right – backing up the current contents, transferring them safely to the new HDD, and fixing the new HDD in place.

In order to resolve these issues Sony has come up with an ingenious solution! The company has officially announced hardware upgrade option in the Japanese market; but that’s going to cost about 18,000 Yen. It covers everything right from creating backup, transferring the present contents of your old drive onto the new one, and fixing it back in place.

Yes, you read it correctly 18,000 yen, which is about a whooping $190! Indeed, such a price is too high for the labor cost for transferring data from an old hard-drive to a new one by all means. The upgrade will cover everything right from moving the system software and current contents to the new hard drive. Moreover, Sony will also give back the original hard drive, which is currently in use, once the upgrade is completed. The interesting deal is that this upgrade is available to all the Sony PS3 users, irrespective of the version they have; be it 20GB, 60GB, 120GB, or 160 GB!

Market Availability
As of now, this upgrade option is available only to the Japanese markets, and Sony has not given any hints about taking this offer to US. But, even if they do so, the million dollar question would be“will Americans be really happy enough to shell out somewhere between $150 and $200 for such a small hardware upgrade?” Probably, those who’re too lazy to do anything on their own, or too skeptical to lose their data, may give it a try; but, there are good chances that majority of the folks may not find it worth their money.

Of course, if you’re a tech savvy person, you may be able to easily get the job done, in a matter of couple of hours at the most! But, those who’re not too familiar with backing up data, and transferring it, will definitely require assistance for an upgrade. It is good to see that the company is trying to offer services, but anything in excess of $100 is way too high for such matters. So, let us see what kind of response Sony really receives from the Japanese market in the next few months. Will they really plan on offering such services in US, as well as other parts of the world?