News is out that the PC making giant, Dell plans to include t fusion chips from AMD as new processors in their new breed of desktops and laptops. However there is no formal confirmation from Dell as to how and when and in what series or models of their machines these chips will be included. But certainly, there will be a major change at Dell, as these chips will define the new structure and architecture of future Dell machines.

These fusion chips from AMD are no mere processing chips. They are a new path-breaking technology in the field of processors. These chips are a combination of two different units namely Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) into one single cast. This will purge the power-crunching demons called ‘graphic cards’ from your motherboard completely and things of past. Although this technology will certainly take some time to implement and come to the showrooms in your town but tempted by its features there are some positive indications from Dell regarding using these chips in their future computers.

Powered by AMD’s high performance cores called Bulldozers and Bobcat mobile architecture, these chips are supersonic in speed and compact as compared to the total architecture used by CPUs and GPUs. These chips reduce the power consumption to a phenomenal extent like never before. Lured by the set of flexible features, and several more, the project planning team from Dell has shown interest in these fusion chips, yet no testing procedures have been framed.

Considering the usage of these chips in computers in future, the only problem that may arise will be when are upgradations of hardware is required. This idea favours the concept of embedded systems which has always been undermined due to upgrading habits of people these days. Newer and newer technologies are introduced every day and no one feels like using the older ones. So the fusion chips might face this threat of dying out any day when their big brothers come into the market. The solution to this problem can only be cheaper rates or reliable long term technology which comes with a late expiry date. But the latter cannot be promised because if you don’t introduce better technology today; your competitors will do it tomorrow.

The thing which remains to be seen is that Dell recently started using Intel’s Core series of processors in its Studio, Inspiron and several other series of laptops and desktops. Some of these core processors contain features like AMD’s fusion chips, you see the cut throat competition I mentioned, and better processing speeds as well. Now, watching Dell shift to AMD chips will be an interesting sight to observe. Also no one knows the changes that will be introduced in Dell machines, one can only speculate about those Only future will be able to tell us if a segment dedicated to ultra-thin computing machines or even smaller computers will be born and be able to survive in the competitive computing world.