Normally twitter means a very small blog. It is generally a micro blogging where people just write a few characters on the specific topics. This concept has also been used while developing the smart phones. Since most of the twitter iphones are reasonably budget friendly so you do need to spend a much to find a good iphone twitter client. While searching over the net you will definitely find several free clients those offer the same or sometimes much more features than what you get from the Twitter Website itself. However, some people felt that the craze for iPhone Twitter will gradually diminish after Tweetie has been relunched by the Twitter. These people are not the kind of typical iPhone Twitter Client.

Background of the Twitter client

The iPhone Twitter had been developed by Digital Garage. The Japanese Twitter client Tappit features the mouth less cartoon cat loved by all. All the images of the twitter have silence of Sanrio. Regarding the app it is compatible with both Japanese and English. People just go completely crazy for the app purchased only for $3.99.

Superb characters of Hello Kitty iPhone Twitter client

There are much similarity between the app and the Tweetie. First consider the getup of the interface which is almost same. Coming to the bottom menu and the compose menu are also identical. The Multiple Account Support of the app provides the same utility as that of the Tweetie. The uploading of various pictures and videos has been termed as “deco images” by the Hello Kitty on the free iPhone Twitter client Tappit. Also the uploading of the short hyperlinks is named similarly. You can view theses images in the Tappit which are actually very small animated icons. These icons can even be viewed following users hyperlink of other different Twitter clients. You will find 40 deco images in the app.

Changing background and text color

The app provides the capability of changing the background and the color of the text. There are four different backgrounds available. You can choose them according to your choice. These backgrounds serve solely for the client itself. Changing the color of the text is also possible though it is a tough job. Color changing is essential since you might have difficulty to go through text on certain backgrounds.

Viewing the user profiles

Features like Geolocation helps in extensive searching on the iPhone Twitter. There are facilities through which you can go though the profiles of various users and also get the latest trends. The later one can be viewed with the help of “What the Trend” property.

Other essential features

  • Similar process has been used while handling the Retweets as done by the official twitter app.
  • Unlike the official Twitter this Free twitter client is unable to provide support of the Twitter List.
  • The @reply can be created by default with the help of the gesture control feature.
  • While performing other different actions such as sending messages or quoting the swipes can be customized to the left.
  • The Hello Kitty also specializes in providing support for the Japanese language.

In a word the Hello Kitty on Tappit, the free iPhone Twitter Client is a solid client offering several excellent features.