The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has set an impressive standard for expos to come.  World-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony met in Los Angeles in June, all displaying their new products and highlighting their features. The event was said to have ‘rocked’ the gaming world with the innovative ideas that have been showcased. Look below to see the biggest announcements from three large gaming industries:


Among its numerous featured creations, Microsoft announced that the Natal Project, newly named Microsoft Kinect, is ready for Xbox 360. Kinect is a feature that lets you play games without the need of a controller. The accessory uses camera and microphone technology to record your movements and translate them into commands in your console. This easy new way to interact with your console will add excitement to your gaming experience and revolutionize the gaming world. Many Kinect games were also introduced in the event. Microsoft also demonstrated how Kinect could be used to control computers and other devices solely with hand gestures.


Nintendo also announced plenty of riveting new games and devices. High up on their list of latest innovations is Nintendo 3DS, a new gaming device featuring a 3D camera and internal memory for games downloadable from the internet. Nintendo also presented a set of new games including a remake of GoldenEye 007 (a popular Nintendo 64 game). The new version of the game incorporates new features and options with the new bond actor, Daniel Craig. With this game available on Nintendo Wii, hours of invigorating fun can be guaranteed.


Sony’s new 3D feature for their highly esteemed PS3 and other gaming devices captured lots of attention in this year’s expo. Their gaming devices will now also support 3D graphics similar to Nintendo 3DS. However, Nintendo 3DS trumps 3D on PS3 since special glasses are required for the 3D experienced to be realized. Sony game consoles can now be operated with Sony’s new motion controller. This feature is becoming popular as it lets people play games without the hassle of pressing buttons. Sony announced an online subscription service that will let users download their favorite games. The annual fee will be $49.99, including a number of free games. The games will be beta versions, full versions of selected games and trial versions. Sony is also offering a chat service that will allow gamers to communicate globally as they play.

Every year, the world’s most prominent gaming industries come together and shock the world with their ideas. Gaming has evolved immensely over the years and will continue to do so. With new technology like Nintendo 3DS and the new 3D features from Sony, past dreams of virtual reality gaming is literally becoming a reality in the world of games. If you are a hardcore gamer, hold on tight to your console, you may have little use for any controller in the near future!