A Japanese based top notch IT company, Hitachi Data System which is sister concern of Hitachi Ltd. has announced to launch a new IT operation analyzer. The software enables a company to monitor its IT activity with flexibility and comfort. Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 allows the users to view the status and monitor the function of LAN , SAN, switches and storage devices. This software gives the opportunity to monitor and assemble workforce of IT network in a very short time and detect any discrepency without any delay. Actually Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 reduces the mean time to diagonose (MTTD) and thus IT based works can be done under rigorous monitoring and control.

Hitachi Data Systems announced the launching of Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 could enable the medium size business assocites to monitor and diagonose their IT network for relentless production. This software can diagonose 250 heterogenous servers, LAN, swithes and memory devices. This monitoring can take place from a single control center where data may be stored. Above all this software eases the monitoring system of IT network and it confirmly increases the way to earn more revenue for any company. Because now a day most of the business is IT dependand. But due to some mechanical or electrical error the system nay face unprecedented loss which may reduced with sharp monitoring. So Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 is a blessing to all middle size business organizations for better control over their network. In a single monitoring device, Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 analyses the status, functions and performance of servers and other devices like LAN , SAN, switches etc. Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 has an additional advantage over other IT monitoring softwares. They can work with independent software vendor (IPV) and third party devices which enables uniform controlling of whole system.

Hitachi IT operation analyzer 2.0 introduces some interesting features which could make it popular easily. It is marketing its products which has very rich rich API. This technology is integrated by DeepNines Technologies, Lumeta, Netcordia and Sentrigo Inc. recently. The new monitoring system also helps to monitor multiple OS at a time.

Hitachi Data Systems offers one year maintenance and support for free of cost with a registered license. It can be a great advantage for the new users, so they could get time to cope up with the system. This software can do the total work of IT manager of mid-sized business organizations. The interface and overall technical specification of the software is very user friendly. After installing one can easily handle it with 100% comfort.

Hitachi Data Systems is looking forward to grab the IT management tools industry. With a vision to do that, it’s a giant step by them. They expect a huge success of IT operation analyzer 2.0 for its versetility and simplicity.