One of the top electronic device manufacturers Hitachi released two new HD TV in a series of Wooo XP05. Wooo XP05 is the codename of the latest LCD monitor developed by Hitachi which is a highly tech notched monitor and Hitachi claims that the model is the most sophisticated model in the monitor market. First of all, it’s 42-inch TV with LED backlight and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This model is equipped with a system that makes images sharper and reduces glare.

The monitor is designed to sharpen the picture expressions where unnecessary glow and brightness can be controlled. Image processor and image engine is used accordingly to help in great contrast while improving power consumption to help you cut down on the monthly power bill.


  • The model comes across with a IPS LCD monitor with LED backlight
  • Contains a new image processor
  • The Picture Master Full HD2 helps to provide dynamic contrast and color
  • The monitor is adorned with 320 GB hard drive
  • It can record videos within a network which is known as DLNA.


  • WOO x05 series has a feature which can automatically adjusts the brightness of images.
  • With the help of pixel manager dynamic contrast ration can be controlled.
  • It has a built-in hard drive capacity of 320GB, slot iVDR-S, HDMI, entrance D4, 3 composite and 3 analog inputs, Ethernet, etc.

As a $95 billion company Hitachi Ltd. has a huge profit in the recession time. They earned about $7.7 billion in the last fiscal year at 2009. Hitachi always tries to produce very high quality products so that they can control the market with their products. “we are not very concern how we could get entry, because we always firstly concentrate into our products. That become the key to enter ourselves in the market and helps to grasp the whole market”, said Chairman, CEO, and Representative Executive Officer, Takashi Kawamura.

Japan based electronic device Manufacturer Company Hitachi Ltd. concentrates on manufacturing computer related stuffs in late 50s. But they are still lagging behind from IBM with their quality and sale. Japanese government is specially concentrating on this factor and helping Hitachi and other Japanese industries directly to run a competitive business with US based companies. By the end of 2001 Hitachi started producing Plasma and LCD monitors which became popular within a very short time.

Hitachi mainly concentrates on the comfort of the viewers. So they added great feature in the brightness control and recording capacity. Hitachi is looking for adding new features on their forth coming models. The price of a WOO XP05 model ranges up to $2700. Hitachi is also concentrating on reducing the cost and reach to mass people. Hitachi’s new innovation tends to accelerate the pace of new invention and development of cutting edge technologies. Hitachi itself is vey optimistic in this concern and promises to make the accuracy in this matter. Their new product has already created a whisper on the market and so that Hitachi is looking forward to market more WOO series LCD monitors