What are the basic things that you consider while choosing a restaurant? For many of you, great food and hygiene are among the top considerations. There are many web services and websites that let you choose a nearby restaurant based on such parameters. But, what about the ambience of the restaurant or the eating joint that you have selected? Yes, here comes the world’s first website that can help you find the right restaurant by taking into consideration the ambience of that place.

Known as Hoppit, it is the world’s first ambience search engine that will make it easier for you to find the perfect restaurant and bar. Apart from dishes and locations, you can also filter your searches depending upon the ambience of the restaurants, such as Classy & Upscale, Romantic, Hipster, Cozy & Quaint, and more.

“We’ve all been tasked with the proverbial ‘where should we go’ question at some point. How many of us then scour web reviews or email friends or family for their suggestions? Let’s face it: that gets annoying. So, we made the Hoppit app and the Hoppit site to solve this problem,” said Steven Dziedzic, CEO of Hoppit. “Hoppit is a personal concierge that knows the interior and vibe of every restaurant, bar, lounge and café in your city and makes personalized recommendations based on the ambience you are looking for and the type of guests in your party,” he added.

Currently, you can access Hoppit through your mobile or desktop computer, but soon the company will launch specific apps for iPhone and Android devices.

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