Digital television which was considered a luxury till sometime back has now become a necessity in every household today. All the major electronics stores display hi-tech digital television sets.

The growing popularity of digital television is mainly because there are relatively inexpensive accessDTV cards available for your computer that allow you to instantly start experiencing everything that DTV has to offer, on your computer monitor itself.

Benefits of access TV

AcessDTV deciphers digital and analog television streams without causing any harm to the output device. One can continue using the output device like the computer for other operations even when a DTV is in operation.

A DTV window on your computer will give incredibly clear pictures as the high definition signals are approximately 200 times faster than ordinary streaming connections. A high definition television stream is seldom interrupted by network delays.

Having a DTV card augments the uses of a computer, as it assimilates your computer and TV in one place. With the help of AccessDTV one can view their favorite videos on one window and simultaneously calculate complex mathematical equations on other.

This card does not disrupt other activities on your computer because a high definition stream consumes very little (almost nil) network bandwidth. The card deciphers all kinds of television streams itself without any support from the computer, rendering it (computer) free to be used for other operations.

AccessDTV Features

Some of the features of accessDTV card are enumerated below:
• An AccessDTV enables reception of all the digital stations available in your vicinity, onto your computer.
• A manual complete with all the details about the accessDTV comes handy with the product. This manual contains information about websites and digital broadcasts which can be viewed on it.
• A small window view can hamper the excitement of a picture. With the help of a digital television you can view any picture on larger screens like the computer monitor or/and on high definition televisions.
• One can record any content broadcasted on television. This helps those viewers who have busy schedules. No fun has to be compromised on when you have an accessDTV.

The way DTV works

Below is a summary about the way DTV works:

• Not all broadcasters can utilize the service of DTV. They have to own a special channel which is created exclusively for DTV.
• All the providers get limited streams of digital data, which they can broadcast. They have an option of selecting resolutions like 480p, 720p or 1080i.
• It is the discretion of the provider whether to broadcast a single 1080i channel or other resolutions in lower bits. The provider can manage his limited streams allocated to him, in whichever way he pleases.

Any machine with a vacant PCI slot can harbor an accessDTV card, presence of Pentium-2 processor at 400MHz can quicken up the installation. A typical procedure to install accessDTV card can last for maximum 15 minutes.

An ideal accessDTV Media Receiver Solution comes with a combination of a PCI card (to be installed in the computer) and the software which gives the user access to DTV broadcasts on any output devices like the computer or television.