Wireless networks are gaining popularity and acceptability day by day. People install wireless networks in their houses and offices so that they can work comfortably. People generally get some good quality wireless routers installed in their offices or home to broadcast the wireless networks. These wireless routers have good signal strength and are capable of spreading the signal to a wide area, but still people face problems of poor or no signal on their computers. This happens because a wireless router sends the signal which is identified by the computer, but in turn the wireless card of the computer could not send the signals back to the router because of poor signal strength and small range of the antenna. Wireless communication just like wired communication is also a tow way process where information is sent to and fro between the router and the wireless card of the computer. It can become frustrating when you see excellent signal strength of your wireless network on your laptop, but still you are not able to connect to it. In this post I will discuss how you can increase the range of your computer’s wireless card. Don’t think that it can be done by tweaking Windows or the card’s software because this is something which is related to the hardware and not the software. So be prepared to spend a little bit of money to extend your wireless card’s range.

Step1: Though it might not help but it is a good idea to try this before you spend money on some hardware devices. Try updating the drivers of your computer’s wireless card. It might help you if you are lucky enough.

Step2: Go to any computer hardware store and purchase an antenna for your wireless card. Make sure that you carry your laptop while doing the purchase so that you can see if the port on your wireless card supports the antenna type you wish to buy. Large antennas are very helpful in increasing the range of your wireless adaptor as it can send signals far.

Step3: Purchase Wireless Repeater: This will be more cost effective and wise if you have many computers which are facing the same problem because then they all will be transmitting the signals via the repeater and thus you would not require separate antennas for all computers. A repeater is a device which extends the wireless coverage range. It will work in between your computer and the wireless router. It will even amplify the signals sent from the router and your computer. Repeaters themselves have good antennas in them and can easily extend the wireless network coverage.