Word 2007 has extensive features and it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the Microsoft Word 2007 Office Suite. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the features; however, choosing the right features is the first step to making Word 2007 more efficient.

Set some time aside to begin choosing the options you want. Do you see the button “Word Options?” You will find this towards the screen at the bottom. Once you click this you’ll be presented with several choices. Begin scrolling down the screen by clicking the features you want. You can also remove the options you don’t want.

Proofing Settings

As you are working on documents it is very important to proof them before you send out the final copy. Word 2007 has a “Proofing” selection. When you go into this tab, in the menu, you can designate which options you want to proof, spelling, grammar, and style or any combination that works best for what you need. This tab allows you to choose whether-or-not you want to check for errors while you type or at the end of the document when you do your final spell check.

Saving Options

For those of you who have ever lost documents (myself included) it is important to save your work. However, when you are in the meat of your document it is easy to forget to do this. Word 2007 offers you the choice to auto save your document. When you click on this option Word will begin saving your work at regular intervals.

Advanced Settings

Now, you can stop there or continue to the “Advanced” settings. When you click this tab you will find options that allow you to set formatting features such as, “Cut, Copy and Paste.” Some other settings that will allow Word 2007 more efficiency is to choose your preferred font and size. When you click save your settings, the document will automatically load. This saves precious time by having your features preset and not having to do this with every Word document you open.

Doing this feature does not mean you are stuck with the options you chose; you can change your choices at any time. Many find it easier to have template’s preset with the options they need for various projects.

The bars at the top of your screen have several icons. You can change the icons to fit your needs. Take the “table” icon for instance. You may not be working with inserting tables into your document so you can remove this and add a different choice that simplifies your work. Another benefit is shortcuts on your keyboard. You can set a command that if you use a set of particular words or phrases, instead of typing them out, you can use the shortcut you created. This can be done under the “customize” tab.

As you become more familiar with Word 2007, you can always go back anytime and change the options you choose. You will find that working with Word 2007 is fairly straight forward once you have your preferences preset for your document. Now that your settings are in place, it’s time to enjoy all the Word 2007 has to offer.