Knowing from personal experience, sometimes working on your computer can seem like wandering through an old neglected storeroom, filled with unused, outdated, space clogging things. If you are like me, then you do not like storing up countless megabytes of worthless junk on your computer. This article will guide you in how to delete your unused files and clean up your computer using Disk Cleanup.

About Disk Cleanup

Freeing up hard disk space can increase your computer’s performance speed and stability. Disk Cleanup frees up your hard disk space by:

  • Removing temporary files
  • Emptying you recycle bin
  • Removing system files that are not needed

Using Disk Cleanup

Follow these instructions to run Disk Cleanup.

  • Click Start and search Disk Cleanup. Click Disk Cleanup in the results.
  • Select the drive you wish to clean up, and then click OK.
  • Choose the files and file types you would like to delete and click OK.
  • Click on Delete files.

Advanced Cleaning

The following instructions will show you additional options for freeing up space in your hard disk. System files may be altered in this procedure so be sure that you do not need the files you indicate for deletion.

  • After running Disk Cleanup and selecting your preferred disk, click Clean up system files in the Disk Clean up dialogue box that appears. You may need administrator privileges for this.
  • Select the disk in which you want to run Disk Cleanup.
  • Choose the files and file types you would like to delete and click OK.
  • Click Delete files.

You can choose from additional options to free more space on your computer:

  • Select Program and Features if you would like to access the installed programs. You can use this utility to uninstall program that you do not need. You can check the size that each program takes up in the size column.
  • Recent restore points are used by your system to restore your computer to a previous state. These files normally accumulate when you install programs or when you create a backup copy of your current system settings.
  • Select System Restore and Shadow Copies to delete old restore points and unneeded backup files.

After running Disk Cleanup, you should have freed up a number of megabytes from your computer. Disposing of unneeded files will also increase the performance of your computer. It is like removing all of your unused papers off your work desk; you can now find the files that are important to you faster. Enjoy your cleaned up system!