There is not a single person in this world or rather not single computer in this world which has not been infected by a computer virus ever in its life. Viruses have paved the way for a new Anti Virus software industry and believe it or not today it has become a fifty billion dollar industry. The following is the understanding of viruses and how they work:

• Computer virus is a computer program than can replicate itself I large number and can infect not only a single computer, but also the whole network and even computer not connected to the system. They can spread through any medium, such as internet, CD-ROMs, Softwares, pen drives, emails and all the other possible routes. These viruses are often desirable executable files, or are hiding in the coding of files, which when executed triggers a blast of viruses on the system files.

• They are more dangerous not because they infect the system, they are more harmful as they can replicate on other system and that also within a fraction of a second. Malware, Ad ware, Spam ware, Trojan Horse and Worms have also joined the army of Viruses. While Malware , Spam ware and Trojan Horses don’t replicate and harm the system, but they allow vital information to be stolen by the hacker from the system. While a worm can exploit security vulnerabilities to spread itself automatically to other computers through networks.

• The first notified virus was Creeper virus in 1970’s which a replicating code, on the APRANET. It got copied on other network system through APRANET, and passed on the message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!” .The Reaper program was created to delete Creeper. General viruses are small and they are also hidden. They are so small in size that when executed a user won’t see any difference. But at the back ground the process of mass replication has started. It begins to infect the systems files and spreads it area.

• They can slow down your computer, infect your data files, they can replicate as new programs, which when run create more viruses. Many a times boot sector viruses are loaded on the computer, these viruses infect the boot files of the system. Such that every time when the system is started boot sector files are erased and eventually the system stops to respond. There are viruses which not only infect the system files but also the hard disk or partition files, which eventually leads to formatting of the data on the partition.

• There is also the advent of Email Viruses which have attachments downloads, which replicate on your system. They then copy your address book and send spam and email viruses to all your contacts. Thus only spreading the virus over the internet. Now a day’s malicious links appears on the Social Networking sites, which just keeps sending links and mails which seem desirable but are actually viruses. These viruses often deny access of the user to his or her profile.

With increase in the sophistication of technology, the viruses are also getting complex and it is becoming difficult to catch them to full extent. So it only advised to download safe and trusted materials from the internet, or it wont be late that your system would be a palace adorning viruses of all states.