Microsoft is reviving with its products now just to stay high up in the business arena. Microsoft Office 2007 was very popular amongst the users with the number of applications and improvements that it had. It featured some of the very useful tools to make your working a lot easier than any of the predecessors. Microsoft Office 2010 comes with even better interface and options to make your office work easier and manageable.

Calendar in Word 2010:

With the latest package of Microsoft Word 2010, you need not to invest a penny to buy a calendar. Word 2010 gives you the option to design a calendar out of very simple process and you need not to rely upon anyone to buy a copy of calendar. You can create a custom calendar, print it and display it wherever you like it to be. The application also comes with a number of templates to design your calendar and make it look interactive for you. You can download a number of these templates from the official site of Microsoft Office 2010. Surf the website and search for the best available option online that suits both your demands and personality.

Make a calendar:

To start making a calendar in Microsoft Office, you need to open Word 2010 from the Start Menu. Click on the Start Menu, move on to All Programs, Microsoft Office and then to Microsoft Word 2010. An alternate way of accessing this is through the search box. Type word and you will have the link to Microsoft Word 2010 displayed in the search results.

Move on to the File menu of your Word and then to New. In the next window, click on “Calendars”; you will have a number of options. You can make a selection between “2010 calendars”, “Academic Year Calendars”, “Multiple Year Calendars” and “Other Calendars”. You need to select the 2010 calendar list in case you are interested in making the calendar for this year. You will need to have templates to apply for the calendar. Make sure that you are connected to the internet and retrieve a list of calendars. You can select the one that you lick that Download that to your system. This will download the calendar in Word 2010 right away. You can download more of them to see which one of them is the best one for your display. Once you make the selection, make the last minute changes.

Draft the printer well enough and send that to print through the Printer. Once printed, you are going to have an excellent calendar for the year 2010 with you that you can display anywhere around your office, home or any other place where you move. This will save you cost that you spend on the calendars available on the internet or stores around your living place giving you with complete liberty to design something out of the scratch in exactly the way as you want it to be. The calendar will be completely custom suiting all your needs.