Digital cameras are one of the most commonly used electronic gadgets nowadays. The camera gives us a lot of flexibility not only while taking pictures, but also for viewing them and further passing it onto others. The photos taken with help of digital camera can be transferred to computer and forwarded through e-mail. This convenience was not in old cameras. The digital photos are soft copies which means on screen and not on paper. This makes it possible for us to transfer the pictures from camera on to a computer. The process of this transfer is the only hitch people have while using digital cameras. This problem comes for people who are not use to use computers. There are several ways of transferring a picture from camera to computer.

Steps to follow for importing the videos and pictures to computer:

1.          Take your camera and connect it with your computer using the camera’s USB port.

2.          Now finally turn on your digital Camera.

3.          Click the Import pictures and videos using Windows option appearing in the AutoPlay box.

4.          An alternate option: You can easily tag the pictures using the Tag these pictures option box. (Usually, by default this folder name also includes in it the date that the videos and the pictures were imported into your computer.)

5.          Now Click Import. This will open a new window that will show the imported data.

6.          Once you done this correctly the transfer will take few minutes depending on the computer speed.

7.          Once transfer is complete you can access them by going to the file where you have stored them

This process is applicable to all latest computers and cameras. If your computer is not supporting this process try alternate method

The four steps will be the same as previous one

1.      You will see an option of “Open file” click on that.

2.      This will open another window displaying all the pictures.

3.      Select the pictures you want to transfer press right click of mouse

4.      Select option “copy” or “cut” depending upon you want to keep them in the camera or no.

5.      Once you selected and copied pictures, open or create folder where you want to store the photos.

6.      Once in the right folder press right click again on mouse and select option “paste”.

7.      This will paste all the pictures in the respective folder.

These were the two basic ways of transferring pictures. There are several other ways like, inserting memory card of the camera in computer and then following the steps 1 to 7 from the above mentioned method. Wireless transfer is also a possibility which can be through Bluetooth, infrared, etc. the problem with the latter two ways of transfer is that your camera and computer should have the required features to follow the activities during transfer. For memory card transfer method the computer should have an inbuilt card reader or an external device which can be commented and used as the same. The wireless one needs those facilities in both computer and camera.