Have you ever experienced a situation in which your e-mail messages suddenly disappear and you can’t seem to find them? It happens all the time and can be perfectly reversed with a few simple steps. If you have had situations in which your e-mails in Outlook and Outlook Express just won’t show up and locating them becomes nightmarish.

Why it happens?

A number of reasons are responsible for the disappearing Outlook or Outlook express e-mail messages and they are as varied as the messages themselves. Firstly, you could loose your Outlook or Outlook express email messages if your machine has been affected by a virus. The harm from a virus is real and might account for your disappearing messages but alternatively, you could be losing your e-mail messages due to a spam artist attack or it could also be your own errors. At the far end, it could as well be your machine misbehaving, maybe due to technical hitches but even so, recovering your e-mail messages can be easily done.

What to do?

To recover your disappearing messages, click on the start button of your PC and move to All Programs. From here, simply locate the Microsoft Exchange Server folder and open it. Once you have opened the Microsoft Exchange Server pane, click on the Exchange System Manager. I must mention at this point that I am assuming you have administrative rights because they are needed for you to do, get them from the administrator if you don’t have them. Once here, click on to enlarge the Administrative Groups and then select the Mail Administrative Group. You will be presented with a list of all the servers that are currently running in the company you work or organization etc. From here, just pick the server you are using, but if not sure about its name, check with your IT guys or with the internet service provider you hired. After that, simply click on the Mailbox Store tab and then from the options availed, right click on the folder named Mailboxes. From Mailboxes choose the Run Cleanup Agent and you will be presented with all the mailboxes currently running in the server.  Now, just find the mailbox you want to recover and then right click on it and choose the Reconnect tab.

You are almost done with the procedure and at this point, all you have to do is click on the user account you want the mailbox to connect to and finish the procedure with a simple OK. You have successfully recovered your mail for Microsoft Outlook serial.

It should be relatively easy and fast as well regardless of the difficulties causing your mail to keep disappearing. The whole situation can be hell and if you do not know how to get back your mail, it can be very stressful. But I hope the above simple procedure helps you troubleshoot this challenge and secure your mail again regardless of the difficulties at hand. It is as simple as it is, there are no two ways about it.