Printers and printing have both been long associated with our lives since a very long time. And we have always been puzzled on how they work, but they are pretty simple to understand. Firstly came he handwritten publishing of books and newspapers. Then the block printing pushed the publishing ahead. Then it was the era of typewriters to aid the printers. Then came the age of electronic printers, they are basically hardware peripherals connected to the computer via a USB or a hardware outlet. The printers convert the electronically stored soft copies of documents into hard copies by printing them accurately on the paper, as they are seen on the computer screen.

One of the famous electronic printers is the Bubble Jet Printer, which comes from the lineage of Inkjet printers. An Inkjet Printer basically jets of appropriate quantity on the paper; the quantity is calibrated by the microchip on the printer. And in the Bubble Jet Printer the ink is heated before being jetted on the paper.

• In the Bubble Jet Printer technology, a drop is calculated by the demand required to be printed in inkjet printing method. Then there are a number of jet in a printers, each nozzle is filled with ink. This ink is heated at the tip of the nozzle by an electronic heater. This vaporizes the ink in the nozzle and a bubble of vapor ink is then published on the paper. This bubble when published acts as a dot, of a letter or image.

• The amount of ink to be vaporized and to be created into a bubble is calculated accurately by the microchips on the printing machine. Heat created in the nozzle has very unique technique of doing so. It is created by the resistors placed in the nozzle. To eject each drop from each nozzle, a pulse of current pre calculated by the microchip is passed to the heating element that is the resistors placed in the nozzle. The ink converts into a bubble due to rapid vaporization.

• While at the same time the bubble creates a large pressure increase in the nozzle. Due to the increase in pressure the bubble, injects itself on the paper. The ink connected is pulled back into the nozzle, so only required amount is printed and there are no access spill overs. And the nozzles in the printed are placed in vertical columns. This way a tiny dot is printed on the paper, these dots may be visualized at naked by a human.

• But when a myriad number of dots are published on the paper, an image or a letter can be easily understood. While in a Black & White printer, only black drops are printed and the white one’s are left along. And in the Color printers, all the colors are printed on the paper that is they are comprised of the color dots. Similar to a photograph printed on a paper.

This is it in lay mans terms the working of a Bubble Inkjet Printer. Simple it sounds.