As during the war fare an army deploys land mines which are only triggered on some application, but will lie dormant and redundant even after the war is over. Similarly a logic bomb will work when and when it is triggered by an outside force. It is not a virus as it cannot replicate itself.

Following are the details of the Logic Bomb and its working:

• Logic bombs are not viruses as they cannot replicate themselves, but here effect is limited to a single system only. Thus the attack is limited. Similar to a virus they are hidden under malicious links, coding of soft wares, unsecure downloads and even emails attachments. Similar to a bomb a time and date can also be set to trigger them off. They are basically a malicious programming code that is inserted into a network system or a single computer. The main purpose is of deleting data or creating other malicious acts on a specified date.

• This type of logic bomb is called time bombs in software industry. They are easier to be written as they need not replicate. They can also be triggered off when certain things do not happen, as in an employee doesn’t log in for a month. Then an employee may have written a program including the instructions that important files be deleted if he or she is terminated. Such are among the most dangerous, since the conditions for their activation can be met in unintentional ways. Because the employee may have not been fired but may died accidentally.

• And still there would be no way to prevent the malicious code to open up and delete the content, as they are very hard to detect. A logic bomb can also be written to activate on a large number of other variables. Such as when a database grows past a certain size or a user’s home directory is deleted. Logic bombs are also the most civilized manner of threats as they don’t replicate themselves. The best use of Logic Bomb is for the payment of software or a work.

• The coder implements certain programming in his work, which states that in case of no payment, the whole work would be deleted. A more dangerous version of the same logic bomb is that it not only deletes its own data but also a part or a whole of the systems or networks data. A logic bomb can be rather difficult to detect, as they are often the files used by the user. Still you can take security measures like time to time monitoring of the network system for any suspicious activity, scanning programs that can detect any new activity in the data on a network system. The scanning systems should also monitor the entire network and the individual computers connected to the network.

As the logic bombs can be created very easily, it is necessary to maintain the work ethics in programming company and also constant monitoring of the systems if required to protect all the company data.