Selecting a right PC is a very complicated task as there are number of options available in the market and it gets more complicated when you have to suggest some to get a perfect computer or you have choose the appropriate PC for a parent or you friend.

Here are some of the basing things which one should keep in mind before helping your parents of friend to buy a computer.

1. Search for all the available options:

Buying a computer is a big decision. You have to be very careful as it is a big investment as well. So the first and foremost thing is to be patient and understand their requirement. Try to understand their needs and make them understand the various use of computer like Internet browsing, multimedia use, etc. Show them some computer features and make them familiar with basic computing and also show them some basic software like MS Office, and Music players.

2. Visit computer store or on website:

It will be easier to just go out to any computer store and pick a best computer for your parent or friend or simply order the computer online; however you must keep them with you while you are buying the product. Your parents might not be comfortable for online shopping so it is better to take to the nearest store and help them choose the computer of their choice.

3. Finalize the type of computer:

It is also very important that what type of computer will be suitable for your parent or friend. A Netbook if very light in weight but very small cannot provide the better multimedia experience. A desktop will be suitable for your friend who is very enthusiast in playing video games because a desktop can be customized according to high end gaming requirement and provide a better visual and audio experience.

4. Set up computer:

Setting up the newly purchased computer is also very important. You can make your parent comfortable for various terminologies while setting up computer for him/her. It is also necessary because your parent might not be that comfortable with the hardware and it cause for a damage.

5. Make them familiar with the use of computer:

Once the computer is set up and ready to use. The next step is to make them understand the best use of the computer.  Install some basic application like MS Office and Music players on computer and create some sample document for them. Make them work on those document like edit, save, and making changes to the document and guide them for the various uses of the computer.