A computer user must have always come around the word Firewall, but must have not paid much attention to it earlier. But now in an era where as soon as you connect to a site, thousands and millions of spamwares and viruses start attacking your system. At this even your anti virus won’t be capable of stopping them, as they won’t harm sure system, so in a way they are not viruses. But these spams are created to sneak out vital information from your system.

Thus Firewall was created, as the name suggests it does create a wall between the internet connection and your system. It not only filters as an anti virus does, the information coming to your system, but also it filters the information leaving your system. It keeps a check such that vital information is not stolen. A firewall does the following things:

  • Firewall can be both a hardware device and a software application which controls and restricts data transfers between a computer system and internet connection. For a large network, a device called a router is fitted with firewall to protect the system. What happens is in a large network there are a large number of computer. Each computer has network cards fitted into to them. These computers using these networks card’s access internet on T1 and T3 lines, where all the lines are installed with firewall, to protect the information from not a single computer but also from the whole network.
  • And then on these lines and networks, the administrator can create rules, regulations and also implement exceptions for certain sites. The administrator can also ban certain sites. For example social networking sites, pornography sites are banned on the networks of many universities. The rules and the protocols can be customized according to the will of the administrator. While on the small networks, that is home network, normally now a days operating systems come with in built firewalls. As the one in Windows Operating System.
  • If the operating system does not have any firewall, application for Firewall can be downloaded, like Commodo Firewall, Avast Firewall and many more. Even hardwares can be installed as peripherals in the network, to make the firewalls work. One should never just rely only on a antivirus, as many threats are neglected by the antivirus on the terms that they are not going to harm the system. But such threats many a times take out information which may be important to executives of many companies. At this time, firewalls come effective, and block the information being routed out.
  • The hardware device is called the Hard Firewall, while the applications are known as Soft Firewalls. One can never only rely on firewalls as they will be in effective in case of a software bug, human errors and viruses.

So if you want to enhance the security of your system or your network you should install or fit a firewall between your internet connections. With increasing usage of business on internet a firewall provides the peace of mind to the executives.