If the Device manager of your system has reported some error code then you would want to have the solutions to resolve these error codes. Any intermediate or advanced computer user would be able to solve this problem with great ease. In order to resolve the error codes you must make sure that you have the error code with you. This code can be easily viewed in the dialog box of device properties which is available in Device Manager. Also, many of the errors in the Device Manager can also be resolved.


First of all you must make sure that the Device Manager is open. Select the device which has the problem. With the help of the Device Manager you would be able to perform some of the resolutions that are recommended. First right click on My Computer and select properties. Select the hardware tab and then device manager. Double click on the device type which has some problems in it. For instance, if the problem is with the modem, then double click on Modems in order to see all of the devices that are present in this category. The list of devices would appear. If you see a red exclamation next to some device then it means it has some kind of problem with it. If there is a yellow exclamation mark then it would mean that the device is unknown, this usually occurs if the drivers are missing. Right click on the device which is showing the red exclamation mark next to it and then click the properties. The device properties dialog box would open. In the area of the Device status you would be able to see the error code.

If the troubleshooting wizard is available to you then you would be able to resolve the problem. Click on the general tab on device properties dialog box. In order to start the troubleshooting Wizard you must click on Troubleshoot. Simple questions would be asked and you must follow the resolution steps. Check the device status of the device properties and if the error is resolved then you are done with your task otherwise if not or if the Troubleshooting Wizard was not available then you can solve the problem with the help of locating the error code.

There are many error codes and you must visit the web site of Microsoft in order to get the support from there. You must try to resolve the problem with the help of the error code. In order to get the information that how you should do this, you must visit http://support.microsoft.com/contactus.

In order to get rid of the problem you must follow the resolutions that are recommended for a particular error code. You should click on the device status of the device properties dialog box in orderĀ  see that if the error has been resolved or not. Once the error is resolved your task would be completed and you are finished with the resolution. If you still had been unable to solve the problem then you must contact the Microsoft Support for solving this problem for you.