Google Chrome is a web browser which is used for combining the minimal design with the sophisticated sort of the technology. With the help of this browser your browsing would become safer, easier as well as faster. You would not have to wait for longer times as the browsing is very much simple with the help of this browser. This web browser would allow you to experience a larger web and that too in an easier manner. You can enjoy a better web experience when you use this web browser. The web sites would open more quickly and you would be able to view the information in a better design and way.

Running Google Chrome on 64 bit version of Windows OS

Many of the people ask that is it possible for getting the Google Chrome to work on the platform of Windows Vista of 64 bit system. The answer to this question and to the queries of so many people is definitely a yes. With the help of some simple tweaks to the shortcut which is used to launch the Google Chrome, you would be able to easily run the Google Chrome on the Windows Vista operating system which is of 64 bit version and that too would be error free. This tweak would even work on the 64 bit version of the Windows 7 operating system. The systems would be able to run the Google Chrome on the 64 bit versions with great ease.

What you would need

All you would need for this is the Google Chrome and Windows Vista 64 bit operating system. These systems can easily run Google Chrome and you would be able to do this with great ease.

Downloading Google Chrome

If you do not have Google Chrome already then you should install the latest version of the Google Chrome. You can easily download it from the web site of Google or can also find it from the CDs. If you have already opened Google Chrome then you should close it. Try to find the shortcut icon which is present on the desktop for the sake of launching the new windows of Google Chrome. Then you must right click on the shortcut icon and then choose on the Properties. You should then click on the Shortcut tab and then in the field of Target you must add the in process plugins of the chrome.exe file. The complete format of this would be something like this as C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –in-process-plugin.

The next thing you should do is to click on the OK button for the sake of saving your settings and then you can continue with it. This is all you would need to do in order to allow the Google Chrome to work on your Windows Vista of 64 bit version. This setting would also allow you to run the Google Chrome browser on the Windows 7 operating system of 64 bit version. In this manner you can enjoy a better web experience and browse safely and easily.