A computer has many features, which are very useful and have become very important for us. Of these features, internet and networking are indeed of great importance to us. Networking is very useful as it allows us to connect several computers with each other in a loop. A network can be used for various purposes like playing multiplayer games, sharing internet connection, transferring data from one computer to another and using a single printer for more than one computer.

In the past, a network was only used in workplaces where there were a number of people working together on a common project. But these days, networking is also being used for gaming and sharing an internet connection or a printer in homes. It is very useful because you do not have to subscribe to a new internet connection if you buy a new computer. All you have to buy is a router and network interface cards (NIC) and connect them to computers through either a cable or wirelessly.

A router is only necessary if you want to connect more than two computers, but if you are going to make a network of only two computers then network interface cards and networking cable would be enough.

Home networking

Setting up a network of computers at home is called home networking. It could be either wired or wireless and you can connect as many computers you want.

How Home Networking Works

Home networking is very simple as compared to an office network where a large number of computers are connected. At homes, there are usually two or three computers. Some of the necessary things required for setting up home networking (wired), are cable, network interface cards and a router. NIC is installed on each computer, you have to connect all NICs to the router via a cable and all the computers will be connected just after installing the networking software (if not already installed). If you don’t want to share data, transfer files or printer, you can create a home networking to just share internet.  All you have to do is connect the main internet cable to the router and the router connects all the computers in the loop.

For setting up a wireless network, you would need to install a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) card to be installed in the computer. In case you have a  laptop or desktop which has WLAN installed, then all you would require is a wireless router. You need to only connect the internet cable to the wireless router and install necessary software. After this, computers are connected to the internet wirelessly and internet could be used anywhere in the range.

Future of networking

The speed and range of wireless networking devices is improving day by day. In future, wireless networks are expected to be stronger and more reliable. We would be able to connect our homes and offices in a better and simpler way.