Identification badge, as the name itself suggests refers to a particular source which helps in recognizing the identity of any person easily. With these badges, it becomes easier to instantly know each other. In any meeting, or parties or any function where huge crowd of masses are there, these badges helps to identify that person with his other details very easily. Any organization, you see, there is the system of ID Badges. So if any big company will outsource the contract to make these badges to some designing company, it will be very costly and time consuming. But if Id Badge template is created on the system itself, then once they are designed, they can be used many times for many years just by changing the details on that template and using it thus helpful in saving the money and time too as it will totally be free of cost.

Instructions to be followed to make an Identification badge template:

For further following these instructions, one will need Windows Paint or Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word. With these you can create a free Identification Badge template.

Using Windows Paint:

First of all, you have to go to the “Paint” option and select “Attributes” from the “Image” menu. Select the size and dimensions of which you want to make the badge and then click OK button. After that, on the “Text” tool and pick the color you want from the “Color Picker” and click it on the top corner of that page on the left side. There you enter the name of the person and below that all other details you want to mention. Change the font and color of that as per your wish. Now above the person’s name, if you like to add some logo of your company or some other particular symbol common for all badges, you have to click on the “Pencil” tool and choose the color of paint with which you want to draw that design. After this step, take your cursor to the next section and feed the details of next person and repeat the same process. After each name, keep some space to add graphics also. Lastly, from the “Select” tool, you have to draw an outline around the graphic on the first badge and copy the same by pressing Ctrl C and keep on pasting it and positioning them continuously to other badges by pressing Ctrl V.

Using Microsoft Publisher:

For this, open the “Publisher” and select “Blank Print Publication” which by default opens an 8.5inch by 11inch page. This becomes helpful if you want to make much number of badges on every page otherwise select your own preferable size by clicking on “File” menu, then “Page Setup” and then “Custom” and enter the size you want to keep of the badge. After this, select the “Text Box” tool and draw any text on the badge where you want it and type the name of the person. Then after pressing Enter, type his/her other details. The appearance can be changed by adjusting the color, size and font of the text. Then select a “Clip Art” from the Picture menu which appears on the “Insert” menu. In the “Search For” box, enter your desired word and select “Go”. The graphic will appear on your card. Double click it and drag to the place where you want it on the badge. Finally you will draw an outline around the graphic and text with your cursor which will display a dotted line circling both. Just copy it by Ctrl C and paste it on the page by pressing Ctrl V thereby making large number of badges. Just replace the name and details on the badges, rest all things would remain same.

Using Microsoft Word:

Here, open the Word document and when a new Word file will open, type “badge” in the “Search Online for” box and select “Go”. After this, go through the results and select any link which will give you an example of the design. Then select “Download” in order to open that template and a big list of all the badges would be displayed on the screen. Then select any particular format and type the name of the person on that badge and repeat it to make the other badges by typing others names. Whatever graphic is present on that badge, select and delete it and add a new graphic by the same procedure as mentioned above. That it, select the Clip Art, typing the word in Search For box and then click “Go”. Double click it and drag it to the preferred location on the badge. Finally, right click on the new graphic, copy it from the first badge and paste it to the next badge by deleting the one present on that badge.

This way, Identification Badges templates can be made absolutely free of cost by the above mentioned methods.