The brand of word “Google” is now seen almost everywhere. Almost all the websites have some kind of advertisement being displayed on them and majority of these advertisements are hosted by Google. Google Adwords is the service by which context related advertisements are shown on websites. For example if your site talks about various cuisines then the ads which Google will display on your web pages will also be related to cuisine and will interest the user. This strategy of displaying interest related advertisements to the users is quite good but because there are numerous websites and developers who are using Adwords so the whole service is flooded. Now mostly people avoid clicking on any advertisement or context related suggestion displayed by Google and rather prefer to search themselves for information they are looking for. Facebook with half a billion users now can easily challenge Google’s Adwords and has already started doing so to some extent. Given below are some reasons why Facebook turns to be a better choice when it comes to online advertisement services.

Unlike Google which displays the advertisements based on the search strings and context of the hosting webpage, Facebook displays advertisements based on the profile of the users. Every user has to fill in some profile information while signing u and later the information increases as the user continues using it. Users add everything like their location, age, religion, likes dislikes, interests etc everything so Facbook can deliver more target oriented campaigns. Why should an old man be given an offer to purchase the Xbox?

Facebook has grown enormously and is used by around half a Billion users. This means that almost all the users who use Google also use Facebook so face book definitely can be used for Advertising campaigns.

Since Facebook is a social network so advertisements can be given a social touch. User can like or dislike the products and can also promote the same amongst their friends. This would turn as costless marketing and promotion.

Facebook allows the brands to create there presence amongst users by creating their pages and promoting them. These pages can be used for inseminating information and news about the brand. This is something which is missing in Google Adwords and companies do not have any way to stay linked with its customers. On Facebook if user gets linked to any brands page then he or she will continuously receive updates from the company on there wall on regular basis. If we talk about Google on these lines then this is not possible. Search Engine optimization can bring the user once to the brands website but cannot make them stick to it forever.

Google Adwords has been into existence for quite some time now and there are so many similar brands and companies using the service that the competition is realy very high. You bid you pay but chances are that somebody else’s ad will get displayed instead of your. On Facebook there are not so many companies which are promoting their brands so it is good time to start advertising campaigns on Facebook.