If you are pondering over the above question like I found myself doing after using my windows 7 for quite some time, do not fret because I will take through the new windows 7 taskbar and what it has. I must admit the new taskbar has more features added and is much better, albeit at first hard to figure out but all the same interesting.

First of all, you may have noticed that the new taskbar in windows 7 is wholly redesigned and thus can be easily used. However, let’s focus on the new taskbar and to begin with, lets look at the;

Taskbar Buttons

You may have noticed that the new taskbar buttons come with a completely different look and can do a number of functions. Firstly, when viewing from the default setting, every program will show as a single, unlabeled button giving you a clear and organized look at your opened buttons, regardless of whether they are multiple. In addition, you could even tailor the taskbar’s settings to reflect your preferences such as how they group together, do you want to see single buttons or multiples, rearranging and organizing the buttons etc. You can perform any of the taskbar feature actions the more you like.

To Preview Open windows and Pinning Items

A feature on the windows 7 called aero peek allows you to peek at the other multiple windows you have opened on the desktop minus having to navigate away from the window you are currently using. It allows you to shuffle between open windows easily. Simply do this by pointing your PC’s mouse at a taskbar button and immediately a list of thumbnails related to that window will show up. Simply click on a thumbnail to access a window you want to look at.

To pin items to your task bar saves you a lot of trouble as windows 7 allows you access the same items by use of the Jump List features in windows 7. The Jump lists allow you to pin your most preferred programs to the taskbar and access them anytime by a single click. Simply click on the same button on the taskbar that you pinned. A jump list will basically highlight the folders you have accessed recently, websites, tasks and files and lets you access them easily.

Notification area and Viewing the Desktop

Windows 7 gives you a better way of managing your notification section on your taskbar through the use of a fewer notifications that are gathered into one bunch. The clumsy and congested notification area is a thing of the past with the new windows 7 task bar and you can decide on which notifications icons to show and which ones not to. The other icons can be gathered on one side and be easily accessed if need be still. The show desktop button is placed on the opposite end of the taskbar and can as well be easily accessed. You can even take a peek at the desktop by pointing the mouse at the show desktop button.