Most of the users just install an Anti-Virus program and think that their computer is safe from all the threats, but they do not even know that there are so many ways by which their security and privacy can be compromised. There are many scripts available on the Internet which can let the hacker know about the breaches in your network and then the hacker can easily intrude your space. In this post we will discuss various ways to secure the network, all the computers in it and the off course the Wireless network.

Always use a router for communicating with the outside world. Router becomes the entry and the exit point for all kind of transmissions happening on your network and so it doesn’t let others to see how many computers you have in your network and what their IP address are. You would have got an IP address from your internet service provider and this becomes the IP address of the router. Any body who would try to intrude your network will only be able to see the router and all the computers connected to it would not be visible. Router again has an inbuilt firewall which also scans the ports through which data passes and can easily be customized for not letting others to intrude. Along with the firewall on the router you should also have a software firewall installed on all the computers in the network. This will let you know and will seek your permission before allowing unknown data packets to enter or move out.

Other important measure is to keep the operating system updated. Operating System manufacturers regularly deploy security patches so make sure that you have the latest security patch for such vulnerabilities. When talking about your computer itself then make sure that all the passwords which you use either on the operating system or on the websites, emails etc are hard coded. Hard coded means using numbers, special characters, and capitalizing several alphabets. Avoid using your name in the password else it would be easy to guess by anyone. Passwords containing special characters are very difficult to be guessed and a password of 20 characters long with some special characters and some numbers in it will take years to be broken by password breaking software’s running on running brute force scripts.

If you have a Wi-Fi network then make sure that it is properly secured by encrypting it using either WEP or WPA encryption. An unsecured Wi-Fi network is an open invitation for hackers to hack your resources. If your network is unsecured then anyone can connect to it and becomes a part of your home group and can easily access the data and resources available on the network. Secure you network using the encryption and do not share the password for the same with strangers or with your neighbors.

Lastly to mention do not forget installing and regularly updating a good anti-virus on your computer and on all the computers connected on your network. Anti-Virus software if not updated is of no use as it will not be able to track the new viruses which floods the internet on daily basis. These were some tips to avoid intrusions on your computer, Network and the Wi-Fi.