With the help of the Windows Media Player you can play a variety of files which are stored in different Compatible Disks (CD) or DVDs. The files must be in the acceptable media formats which can be played on the media player. The DVDS and CDs can be played on the media player. You may even play burnt CDs however the quality of the videos might not be that good.

Supposedly you have a drive and decoder for the DVD in your personal computer then windows give you a facility to play them with great ease. You may need to have a decoder for it which if not present on your computer then it can be downloaded on the internet.

Things to know

Some points that come in handy while playing CDs and DVDs in Windows Media Player are given below:

  • You may also download the plug-ins to enhance the performance of the video playback.
  • There are a lot of instances where in you can face little problem with the playback However if you use the specific plug-ins then your problems can be reduced.
  • Well when you have your CD or DVD ready to be played then simply put it in the drive.
  • It should start automatically, however if it does not play on itself then you may need to open the Windows Media Player and navigate to the file you want to open and play.
  • For a DVD you may need to even make the folder selection.

The Windows Media Player switches from the Library mode to the ‘Now Playing’ mode once the CD starts running. You must also make a point that as of yet the Blue Ray Disks are not supported by the Windows Media Player. So if you have to play the content placed in a Blue Ray Disk then you may need to use a program which is not made by Microsoft, though it may seem a major hitch to you but you can expect this feature to be also present in the future versions of the Windows.

Burn Your Own CD with your Favorite Collection

There are a lot of other facilities which the Windows Media Player offers you when you think about working with the CD or DVDs on the computer. Well how about the facility to select and make a play list for your favorite tracks and then have them in a disk. May be you want to gift it to your beloved a collection of songs and your favorite videos. You can do it simply with the help of Windows Media Player in which you can rip off the CD with great ease. All you need to do is select the ‘Rip Music’ option. To do this you need to select the ‘Rip Settings’ menu. The ripping process is quite simple and fast too.

With the help of the Windows Help and Troubleshooting modules you can find answers to your queries in case you face some issues while playing CD or DVD. The Windows Media Player troubleshooter helps you do the same with great ease.