Microsoft Excel is main part of Microsoft Office and without MS Excel MS Office would not be complete. Microsoft Excel allows you to organize data in a meaningful way. However sometimes you may need to represent data graphically, and in such cases it is necessary to plot a graph to analyse data from various perspectives.

To plot a graph by using Microsoft Excel, following are the steps through which you can plot a graph in MS Excel.

Step 1:

First start the program in your computer and then make a table and enter your data in which the x axis and y axis are labeled

Step 2:

Now highlight the data with your mouse and click the chart button, after that choose the diagram that you want to construct

Step 3:

Now fill in the information such as the title and the name of x and y axis.

Step 4:

Now simply follow the instructions shown in the box and ultimately a graph will be plotted.

Step 5:

After that if you want to add a trend line and want to highlight any point in the graph, just right click then click the button add trend line, after that a window pops up, then choose the type of trend line as you want.

Step 6:

Consistently the equation or r – squared value is needed for the trend line, you can obtained it easily after clicking the label options.

Step 7:

Now you have done all things just click ok to confirm and a graph is done.

You can use all above points to plot a graph in MS Excel and you can make a graph easily by your self.