If you are an avid internet user, it is not possible that you have not encountered shockwave. Shockwave is similar to Flash; they are even developed by the same developer ADOBE. While Flash is used for easier and simple presentations, Shockwave is more of a versatile format. It has been on the internet for a very long time. It was developed basically to provide ever engaging and dynamic content like games, music and videos over the compact disc. This use hasn’t still stopped yet.

As the internet speeds all over the world are increasing on an average, website developers are looking for more and more versatile and dynamic content to be provided to the user, and here come the perfect use of shockwave. It allows the developers to present the information they want to explain to the user in more elaborate manner. As the internet speeds all over the world is different, there is a scaling technique enable in the shockwave 3D, which allows it to work perfectly even at varying speeds. Following is how one can create 3D content and also the uses of the 3D technology:

  • First of all one needs a 3D modeling package which saves the file in the .W3D format. You are using this modeling package to form a wireframe and assign the polygons which you want to animate. These polygons will cover the wireframe. Then you must have software called Macromedia Director Shockwave Editor on your system to load the .W3D files. Now this is the main platform to apply 3D effects to your polygons. This application will prepare the object ready for implementing it on Internet.
  • Here one can apply different effects, like limiting the amount of 3D feature on an object. One can also give fog, rain effects to the objects. Also one can provide multi resolution and also dividing the meshes so that lesser amount of bandwidth is utilized. The Editor then saves the file on the disk as .DCR file, which is uploaded on the net by the developer. These files are then played on the web page containing Shockwave player plugin or are downloaded by user and then played into the Shockwave player.
  • In areas with lesser internet speed, Shockwave applies scaling technique in which the player plays only limited meshes of the polygons so that the animation is played without any problem while reducing the resolution. One of the main uses of Shockwave 3D technology is in marketing and e-commerce, where in different products can be advertised according to the will and the desire of the seller. Also the buyer would have the facility to view the product in 3D, for example a mobile phone buyer will directly have all the views of the phone, and the ready specifications would be available by just clicking on a part of the mobile. So also increasing the sales.

Other applications like, showing also fuel works in an engine and how the energy is utilized could easily be demonstrated using this technology. Also showing the wind forces and others natural calamities can be featured before the construction of a building. The Shockwave 3D technology will only evolve more and make the life easier by making the content on the internet more versatile and more real times.