Andriod, like most mobile phone, uses SD card for data storage. SD memory cards are available is various designs and forms but the main purpose of this equipment is to store and manage data in your mobile phone. SD or secure digital group is actually an association of multiple organizations which develop and maintain the SD memory card technology.

Android smartphone comes with some amount of internal memory and an extra slot to put SD card. Different models hold different capacity of the size of SD card. Android phone can use up to 16 GB of SD card and that completely depends on the model you are using.

These SD cards on you mobile can be accessed by connecting it to your PC. It can be connected using SD card slot on your laptop or by using data cable provided with the Android mobile kit. SD card can be completely managed after connecting to your PC as it is shown like a mass storage device in your My Computer section any information can be copied, removed and edited from here.

Here are some basic steps which you can follow to access and manage your Android SD card:


Connect your Android mobile phone with your computer using the data cable on the USB port. I will show a pop-up of found new plug and play devices.


Now you need to drag down the notification bar from the tops of your Android phone. Now punch “USB connected” and then click “Mount” to synchronize your Android mobile with computer and use as a mass storage device.


Now go to Start button on your PC open the Start Menu. Click on My Computer to access the disk drives. Here you will find a list of hard disk devices including CD/DVD drive. The last option in the list is displayed as removable drives. Make sure that you find the correct removable drive as this is also represented as any other USB drive connected to your computer.


Open the appropriate removable disk drive for Android mobile. In this section, you will find the files and data stored on your Android SD card. You can copy, edit and manage folder in this area. Once you are done with the required changes, close this window then drag down the notification bar of your Android phone. Now click on “Turn off USB storage” to deactivate mass storage mode of you mobile and disconnect the data cable from USB port.

Managing and accessing Android SD card is a very simple task but you should not disconnect the cable before turning the USB mode as it can corrupt the D or you may lose data.