Many times you come across circumstances in which your Windows XP PC fails to reboot, and the best way of solving this problem is to re-format the Hard Disk. Prior to formatting, it is advisable that you backup your files. If your system is password protected, you won’t be able to access them externally, so here is a technique for getting around this.

  • First boot your system with a Bootable Windows XP disc. (Please use original disc and avoid pirated discs, it might create problem sometime.)
  • The next step is to repair the Windows installed in your hard drive.
  • Select the target Windows folder i.e. where the windows is installed.
  • Using the HELP command you can get a DOS program with the help of which you can change the Current directory to user directory and get the backup of the desired data.
  • Using the Current Directory command you can get the backup of almost all the files that the user has in My Documents and other directories.
  • The drawback of this is that the copy becomes time consuming as only one file at a time can be copied.

There is an alternate method to do this as well. This method requires two system or USB drives that can help connect the hard disk of the problematic system to itself and help copy the data. But more importantly, the user must have enough knowledge to handle computer hardware as any mistake in its handling can cause serious damage to the system and the data within it. To follow this method one needs to disconnect the current system that has problems with its power sockets. The next step is to get the hard disk and mount it on another system or a USB drive that would have an IDE number. Now the user just has to boot the second system and copy the necessary data from the hard disk. Then after completion of this, place the hard disk to its original system and re-install windows again.

If the current password of the system is set to blank, again the user must try it as it would make his work of copying the data from one system to another easier by connecting the affected system to a non-affected one.

There are a few precautionary measures that the user must put into account before re-formatting the hard drive. The user must make sure that all the necessary data has been safely backed up in some system because once the hard drive is re-formatted the data in it will be lost completely. So, it is advisable that all important data is properly backed up and saved remotely.

The basic necessity for that which a user should fulfill in order to attain the backup is that the user must have a bootable Windows XP disc. Thus, it can be found that accessing data from password protected account in Windows XP, even when the system fails, is easy only if the user takes the necessary measures.