UAC or User Account Control is a service that was first made available to users in Windows Vista. It helps users to perform a set of tasks as both non-administrators and administrators. However, users who use Windows 7 are not able to change the UAC settings in their system even if an option is available for it. If this certain problem is troubling you as well then here you can find the solution to your problem. Along with it, you can also know why this particular problem occurs in systems based on Windows 7.

The User Account Control feature helps in the separation of functions of both a user and an administrator and thus is of great importance. If you are using Windows 7 then you may face problems when you try to access this feature. It has been seen that users are not able to change the UAC settings of their system.

What Exactly Happens

To access this feature one has to open the System and Security category in the Control Panel. When you try to modify the settings in User Account Control by scrolling the side bar then a dialog box will appear on the computer screen. When the user clicks on OK button to save the settings then the box will stay as it is on the screen. This simply shows that no settings have been made in the system and it is exactly the same like before.

Why this Happens

This problem usually happens when the user installs Microsoft office 97 on Windows 7. By doing so, some changes appear on the registry and the person is unable to make changes to User Account Control. However, there is available an option by which you can deal with this problem by following some troubleshooting steps. It is true that the cause of this problem is Microsoft Office 97. If you think that by reinstalling it you can skip away with the troubleshooting process then you might be wrong. Generally, even after users reinstall Microsoft Office 97 they are not able to change UAC settings. To do this you have to fix the problem and then you can change the settings easily.

Ways to Deal with Problem

You can deal with the problem by two ways. In one way, you do just need to click on the link that says Fix It Up and it will be done automatically. Here you only need to follow the steps that appear in Wizard and your problem will be solved. In the other method, the user selects to fix the system on own by making required changes to the directory. However, if you are using this method to fix up the problem then you need to be careful. If even a minute mistake happens then serious damage is caused to your system.

If you are using Windows 7 and facing some trouble while using User Account Control then you can deal with this in two different ways. Out of these two methods, the one that fixes the problem on its own is the best possible choice.