If you are a traveler and want to set up your computer to accept connections with remote desktop program, it is a tough task for you as you get a lot of problems like complexity of modern network and also the Internet. Although, the setup is available in current version of Windows but still it is tough to setup in one go. There are several blocks like a firewall securing your network, an Internet provider blocking everything except Web pages and images or different reasons exist in Internet. These are the main and valid cause of connection problems. Here in this article we will describe some of the best ways to access your computer from anywhere in the world.


There are two major types of IP addresses, one is dynamic that is common practice among practically all ISPs and the other one is static for which you need to pay extra. Static is permanent IP address.


There is also several websites available and the most popular approach is the anyplace Control byhttp://www.anyplace-control.com. It is a revolutionary move toward to go around all the obstacles and you can remotely access your computer from anywhere in the world. You will get immediate control over your desktop with Anyplace Control.


You can basically gain the right of entry over your desktop by creating an account with Anyplace Control and assign a name to your computer. When you want to access your computer, you simply enter the name of the computer. It is a very small and lightweight client application which manages all the files. Using this application you will get rid of all the worries like configuring the network on remote PC  and also other obstacles, firewalls etc.


Anyplace control has amazing options and it will provide you the whole desktop with keyboard and mouse. you can also drag any file and drop to your computers.


The Anyplace control is very secure with its state of art encryption and latest security. Your files will be protected from remote attacks.


There are many features available in Anyplace Control one of them is the fastest response time which saves your bandwidth by consuming minimum traffic.


The remote access problems occur especially in developing countries and while travelling you use Internet cafes. But the problem is the difference between quality of your home PC and they use older operating system as old as Windows 95.


If you are using the Anyplace Control application then you will not get any problem in accessing your remote PC.


Anyplace Control also does not use Windows Remote Desktop and the advantage is the compatibility with all versions of Windows.


You can easily run Anyplace Control on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, and Vista.