There are so many antiviruses available for your PC and you can useany one of them for computer protection. Some of most popular antivirusapplications are Norton, AVG, Avast, Avira etc. Norton is one of the mostpopular one and it is used widely in computers worldwide. Norton antivirusis manufactured by Symantec; it is used to block viruses, spyware, Trojanhorses, worms, bots and rootkits from your computer. Norton is very famousand effective antivirus and compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vistaand Windows 7 and also supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 orhigher and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later. For a complete and effective protection of your computer, it is very necessary to activate your Norton Antivirus through Symantec’s LicensingPortal.

Now in this article we will show you some steps to activate Norton antivirus. Just follow the instructions given below.


The first step is to open the internet browser and go to Symantec homepage, then go to Symantec’s Licensing Portal. Now in this page, click the linkcreate an account. Before installing a new antivirus, try to uninstall older onefrom control panel.


When you enter the link, you will have to enter the requested informationto create your Symantec account and click “Submit.” Now to acceptthe Symantec’s User Agreement, enter agree. It will take some time toconfirm that your account is created successfully and after that click thelink “Licensing Portal Home Page.”


After clicking that link, Click the button labeled “New and RenewalPurchase.” Now you will receive the serial number after purchasing theantivirus, type the serial number and lick submit. When you click submit, itwill complete the Norton Antivirus activation process. Click done to completethe process and check the email, you will receive an email confirmation fromSymantec that your Norton Antivirus was successfully activated. You can seethe expiration date in that email only.

It is very obvious that, your email receipt for your purchase containsyour product’s serial number, if you have downloaded directly from theSymantec’s websiter. If you bought the antivirus from a retailer then do notforget to check the original packaging to find the product’s serial number.

It is very important to activate Norton antivirus to protect your system fromviruses, spywares and other dangers. Norton is a very flexible, compatiblewith so many operating systems and strong to protect the computer. Werecommend you to update it at regular interval for complete protection.