Regardless of how proud you are of your little champ, who might one day be a computer whiz, you still need to set rules or want to monitor or simply limit the use of Internet web browsing or game playing by your child (children).  Windows 7 has now further enhanced the popular Parental Control on windows. It is not just easy to set but also you could relax by less worrying about your child’s computer over usage.

The basics

Parental Controls in Windows 7, lets you take the decision on how your children play games online, which programs they can run and use on their user account and most importantly the time they are allowed to use their computer.  Important thing to remember is the Parental Control is also about flexibility; you have the control on overseeing what time during the school week they can access computer and alot more time during school holidays or weekends, The control helps your tailor the schedule as you think is best for them.  If you are concerned about web usage; Windows 7 has even simplified this from earlier versions of Wndows.  You can monitor web usage of your children via a web-based program Windows Live Family Safety, by default it is available on all PC’s, however if you cannot find it you can download it free of charge from Microsoft website. What the programme does is it will generate reports on what sites your children access and for how long they were on it. You can have this program enabled on all your personal computers if you are on a home-shared network.

Things to remember

Make sure before you set the parental control on a particular user or users, you need to be logged in as the administrator. If you only have one user account, which is you and want to create new user accounts for each of your children, it is also easy by accessing the Control Panel and from there click on User Accounts and follow the create new user wizard, It is self explanatory, however if you do need help, just refer to the Help section in your windows 7.

Setting it up the first time

Like how you created individual accounts for your children, you have to access the Control Panel. In the panel click on User Accounts and Family Safety; this will open the window menu with all user accounts. From here you can select each account and under its parental control section you can set up the controls that you desire for each of your child and according to their age.

Windows Live Family Safety is a Windows Live utility and you would require a live or a hotmail account to join. Once you have a hotmail account you can access the program and block the websites that you think would not be appropriate and also control and monitor their activities. It is as easy as I have made it sound; once in a while or every week you can monitor your child’s activity and update or change settings accordingly.