A Router is the hub of wireless network connection and helps us to connect to fantastic Internet world without the use of annoying cables and wires. You can not only connect to internet but also go for file sharing and thus, send files through LAN, MAN or WAN.

However, suppose you are having more than a computer to add to a wireless network via router. You will then access to a wireless network via an “Ad Hoc” form of wireless network and thus, enable internet sharing too. This form of connection becomes very fruitful to connect a dozen of systems to one another at a time. Let us consider an example to understand better. A wireless network with an “Ad Hoc” attached works similarly like a cordless phone where you are having a station and mobile phone. The usage of “Ad Hoc” is just similar to have a “Walkie-Talkie” and thus allowing all to use it simultaneously and aid by providing a wireless form of connection.

Before you proceed any further keep in mind to have a proper working computer and an enabled Internet connection with networking. Moreover you need to have a wireless router along with an Ad Hoc available.


Step one

For Ad Hoc networking, you have to name one computer as your main computer station. This computer will be like a parent one with others attached to it simultaneously via Wireless connection.

Step two

On the main computer station, you will be required to install a wireless network router’s software and settings. If you do not have one installed on your computer use the manual of router and get it installed and running on your system.

Step three

From the “Start menu” access the “Control Panel” and open the by clicking the “Network and Internet Connections” icon to access to its window. The Icon will have an image of a computer along with the globe attached to it.

Step four

On the screen prompted, go to options menu by right-clicking on the “wireless connection icon”. From the drop-down menu choose the “properties” option by clicking on its tab in the menu.

Step five

On the window prompted choose your preferred network connection type by choosing it from the drop-down menu and under it choose preferred networks connection type like “wireless”, “dial-up” or “VPN”.

Step Six

Give a name to your wireless network connection and you can give a desired name to it as you long.

Step Seven

Uncheck the check box that displays the key is provided for it “automatically”. However, check on the check box that shows that this is a computer to computer {Ad hoc} form of network.

Step Eight

Create the password for your network connection and your password must be an alphanumeric one which must be 13 digits and such combination of password is the best for the security of your computer.

Step nine

In the “Network key” bar and “Confirm Network Key” bar, type the password and get it confirmed by clicking on “Ok” twice you will have the things done and resolved on your part. Thus, you changes will be saved and re-start your computer to get it done permanently.