The Library feature in windows 7 is very flexible and allows greater flexibility I terms of the folders you can create and what you can do with them. You can put in additional folders from a variety of locations in your computer and include them in the same library. Even better though, you can then arrange and organize the files in the various folders you have included in the library into a single collection. The feature is simply amazing for instance if you have music files on an external hard drive, it allows you to simply create a folder from the external hard drive in the Music Library and subsequently you can then access your music files in the folder from the Music Library any time you have connected the hard drive to your PC.

Organize Your Folders

The whole point or the motivation behind Microsoft’s inclusion of this feature in windows 7 is one I fully agreed with as a user of the windows 7 operating system. The Libraries feature is basically meant to help you arrange and organize your items and folders in a neat and easy way that makes it easy to access them later. It is like organizing stuff in the house so you don’t have to look for things in places you know you can’t find them. I do like the feature because I love having my PC organized in a way I can get things easily. The windows 7 library combines folders from the varying locations you took them from, could be a homegroup, hard drive or an external hard drive, you name it. It even shows folders from other external computers if you are in a shared network. What the feature does is organize all of the folders as one simple folder, easy to access at any point. I want to show you how to add folders to either the default windows 7 library or how you can add some folders to a Library that you have created. It is very simple, just tag along;

To begin with

To start with, simply open your windows explorer and open “My computer” from, after which you will access the “Start” tab. From here, click on “Computer” or “Documents” or the user name you gave your PC to begin. Note that there are a number of various ways that you can do these from a number of places. Once you have accessed the location you choose, whether it is documents or my computer, simply maneuver to the place the folder you want to add to the Library is located. Like I said, the folder could be from any place be it an external hard drive, an external computer in a network, or even on a homegroup hared folder etc. Once you have accessed the folder you want to add, right click on the folder and click the tab “Include in Library” from the menu. Simply click on the Library of your choice and the folder will be added.

It is that simple a procedure but a very powerful organizational tool from windows 7 operating system.