Microsoft Access is one of the most popular applications used in database management. , as it is used for maintenance of relational database management system. Working with MS access is quite normal and easy, as it stores data in its own format basedon the Access Jet database engine. If you are working with Access then youknow that it can link the data with other applications or database. There aremany versions available for MS Access; current version is Microsoft Access2010. It is also very good for software developers, as Microsoft and softwaredevelopers can build application software and normal users can develop orbuild simple applications.

Now we need to understand first that what is one-to-many relationship, inthis type of relationship, a row in table A can have many matching rows intable B, but a row in table B can have only one matching row in table A.
You can use Microsoft Access relationships to search for and share dataacross multiple tables. Take an example of a plotter and you can create onetable to keep records of your pottery and second table to store records ofthe galleries. You can run a query that would show where each of your itemsis currently being displayed; you just have to create a relationship betweentwo tables.

Now we will show you some steps to create a one-to-manydatabase relationship.


First step is to assign a primary key as a unique identifier in a field in eachtable. Now you have to close down all tables and press the F11 key to openthe database window. On the toolbar click the relationship icon and if yourdatabase has existing relationship, It will show you all the relationships.


You will have to click the show table icon if your two tables do not appear.After clicking the show table icon, the add table or queries box will appear.Now double click the two tables you want to relate from the add table orqueries box.


Now after completing the step, close the add table/query box.


In order to relate from one table to the related field in the other table, drag thefield from the table. The field is called a primary key field in one table. Inthe other table the primary key is called a foreign key. Now you can see therelationship box, we recommend you to check to be sure that everythingis as you want it and then click create. After doing all these steps, therelationship is established and you can easily view your two tables with aline joining them to indicate that they are related.

So, the relationship we created here is called one-to-many relationship, youcan also create one-to-one and many-to-many relationships. To establish arelationship, be sure that related fields almost always need the same datatype and the field size property setting must be of same size. In MS accessonly two exceptions are there which are permissible.