Microsoft Access is a very popular application used in databases. MicrosoftAccess is used vastly in relational database management system. Working withMS Access is not so tough and you can use it with ease, to store data in itsown format based on the Access Jet database engine. If you are workingwith Access then you can link the data with other applications ordatabase. There are many versions available for MS Access; current versionis Microsoft Access 2010.

When you are working in MS access 2007, you will often get to work withrelational data. So while working with related data that is stored data inseparate tables, then you need to view multiple tables or queries on thesame form. We will show you an example of customer data from one tableand information about customer orders from another table at the same time.To do this, subforms are the best and most convenient way in MS access2007.

Subform is another form inserted into the main form in MS access 2007. Ifyou combine a form and subform is called a hierarchical form, master/detailform or parent/child form. We use subforms to show data with a one-to-many relationship. You can add Subform in Access 2007; you just need tofollow the steps given below.


First step is open the MS access and also open the form to which you wishto add a subform. We recommend you to make sure that you are in designview, click on the view menu button and then click design view. In this viewyou can create and modify database objects.


Now you will have to activate the control Wizards toolbox and click on thetoolbox icon in the Form Design toolbar to display the toolbar options. If thecontrol Wizards tool is inactive then activate it by pressing it. Next step is toclick on the Subform/Subreport tool in the toolbar options. Now you have to
notice the change in mouse cursor, it will indicate that you are now in theadd form node.


You can place the subform by left-clicking anywhere in the form. Now nextstep is to follow the instructions in the SubForm wizard to choose an existingtable or forms as your data source. If you have not defined any existingform option then there will be no availability. When you enter the next page,you have to select specific data source and the available fields from thatdata source. Now you have to provide the name for your subform and markthe checkbox if you would like to display help while working on subforms.


Now after doing everything, click finish to complete the whole process.
You can also open a subform in new window in design view. We will tell howto do this, just click on the subform to select it. Now go to design tab andmove to tools group and at last click subform in new window.