Network connection provides funtionality to add different devices in existing network group.

These technologies also differ in criteria like speed of data transfer, hardware used, etc. As per requirements and location of the computers, you have to select proper network. Operating System of the computer and compatibility of the devices affects steps for adding device into the network.

To Add Computer Running Windows 7 or Vista SP2 in Wireless Network Using Push Button

If wireless router used supports WCN or WPS, then you can easily setup it. To access the list of available networks, you have to right click on Network notification. Choose the network you wish to access and when it asks for security code, push the button on the router. It will directly add computer in the network.

To Add Computer Running Any Version of Windows Using USB Flash Drive

To setup the network, you have to log into the system you wish to add to network. Connect the USB flash drive into computer and perform procedure as per OS you are using.
1.  For Windows 7 or Vista: Autoplay dialog box will appear. You have to click on Wireless Network Setup Wizard.
2.  For Windows XP: You have to click on Wireless Network Setup Wizard in USB drive dialog box.

To Add Computer Manually in Wireless Network

Depending upon the operating system of your computer, procedure differs.
1.   Windows7: You have to first log into the computer. To display the list of available networks click on the notification of network on the left of taskbar. Choose the network you wish to join. Then type the security code or pass phrase and confirmation will appear indicating your computer is now part of network.
2.  Windows Vista: To access wireless network list, go into ‘Connect to’ tab in start menu. Choose the network from list, click on connect and type security code or passphrase is so asked. Your computer will be added to the network.
3.  Windows XP: You must log in as administrator. Access the properties of ‘My Computer’. There you can change computer name and Workgroup if you wish to. You will get the list of available wireless networks in tab Network tasks located in Network Connections. Choose the required connection and click on connect.

To Add Computer in Wired Network

In this case also procedure for connecting computers into the network differs with operating system.
1.  Windows7 and Windows Vista: The method is very simple. You just have to plug the computer into hub, switch or router and turn it on. If your computer appears in the network, it indicates that computer is added into the network.
2.  Windows XP: You must log in as administrator to join the computer in network. You can change name of computer and workgroup in properties of ‘My Computer’. Go into ‘Network places’. In Network Tasks, you can see list of available networks. Choose the network and click on connect.

To Add Wireless Device

To add wireless devices or Bluetooth enabled devices connect it to computer and turn it on. You just have to follow the instruction that came with device to add it to the network.
To Add Wired Device:
To add wired device you have to plug it into computer that is connected to hub, router or switch. You can also connect it to above mentioned devices directly.
To add Printer:
You can directly connect the printer to the computer or over the network. Depending on type of connection, it is categorized as Local or Network printer.