Other than being a computer addict I am a very big fan of watching movies to. Since am an addict I spend very little time away from my computer and so naturally I do almost everything on my computer. This means watching movies, listening to music surfing the net and so much more. In my experience in watching movies on different players on my pc, windows vista media enter so far is the one that has given me the best experience ever.

Whats up with Media Centre?

The media center can be used for very many forms of entertainment. One could be able to listen to music, produce photo albums and watch movies via a connected television or the pc itself. The windows vista media center is an upgraded version of the windows media center giving more power to the user. I would love it if you were able to enjoy this wonderful experience thus I will show you how to add DVD movies to windows vista media center.

What do I need to do?

You first need to start the media center application. You do this by going to the start menu then navigate your mouse pointer to all programs and click on it. This will give you the list of all programs that are available on your computer and when you get to see media center you should click on it. Other places where you might find the media center would be within the multimedia directory that’s in the start menu or the quick launch bar.

The second step would then be to place a DVD in the optical drive DVD tray. You should see to it that the label faces up. You should then wait a few minutes for the movie to start. It automatically starts. This is because the windows vista has been programmed to start any movies on the DVD once they are placed on the tray automatically.

When the DVD movie has been opened you should then choose the option that reads play DVD. This option is on the menu for the media center. This option is perfect for since if you have a DVD in the tray that you had viewed previously it will not start to play again automatically. The option play DVD when at the main menu can also return you to the last point where you were when you last watched the movie. This will help you not to keep forwarding till the point where you were before. It really makes work very easy.

As you can see getting a DVD to play on your media center is quite an easy process. One does not have to be a genius to be able to do so. Also one does not need to seek professional help top help you do so. You can do it all by yourself.
The media center gave me a wonderful experience and ma sure that it will give you the best of experiences to.