There are certain characteristics associated with every field, like a name that uniquely identify the field within a table, a data type which defines the nature of a particular data, the various operations that can be performed on that data, and how much storage space is required for every value. The appearance or behaviour of the data in the field is defined by its properties. For instance, the Format defines how the text or data appears on the datasheet which contains the field.

An important thing to consider is to plan to use the information present in the fields. For example, to store a calculated value, it is best not to create a field. Information should be broken down to its smallest useful part per field. For example, instead of storing a person’s name in one field, the first and last name of the person should be kept in separate fields as its components. So the bottom line is to put an item in a field by itself if you need to report, search, sort, or calculate on an item.

Instructions to add fields to an MS Access table

Suppose you created a table in the MS Access application and entered all the essential fields that were required. But later you realized that one or two more fields were required. An example could be that you forgot to create a field of middle initials while creating a database of people’s addresses. Later you came across two people with same first and last name. So adding a field is required here. Following steps can be followed in this regard.

Step 1: The particular database in MS Access needs to be opened.

Step 2: To open the database view, use the F11 key.

Step 3: Select the Table tab after which a list of tables would appear.

Step 4: Choose the table that you want to use. Click ‘Open’. The table would then appear.

Step 5: The cursor needs to be placed in the field directly prior to the place where you want the new field to appear. For instance, if your columns are named as A, B and C and you want the field to appear between A and B, then you should place the cursor in A.

Step 6: Select Insert and click on Column from the options. Directly to the right of your cursor location, a new column would appear that will be named as Field 1.

Step 7: Right click on Field 1. A menu appears then

Step 8: Click Rename; this would make the column label black, indicating that you can enter new information there.

Step 9: After renaming your column, press Enter.

Step10: The database file should then be saved.