Hulu TV was founded in March 2007 with a vision of providing any time access of TV shows to the viewers of the United States. The video content on Hulu can be accessed over the internet and it consists of a huge list of TV shows movies and various other programs. Initially Hulu was accessible only through their website but later the Hulu desktop was developed to let people watch Hulu and browse through its contents after installing it on a computer. This desktop Application of Hulu worked inside the Media Center and it could be operated using the Media centre’s remote control. Hulu started coming inbuilt in the Operating Systems but was discontinued in Windows 7 Media Center Edition computers.

Though Hulu is not there by default but it can be installed anytime and works the same way it used before. It can again be operated by the Remote Control of your Media Center and still offers amazing streaming of thousand of online TV shows. Hulu can be installed on a Windows 7 Media Center by first downloading the Hulu Desktop Application from Hulu’s website. Along with the Hulu Desktop you would also need to download the Hulu Desktop Integration Pack 1.0. Once you have downloaded the application double click on it to install. Make sure that your Windows 7 Media Center is not running. If it is then close it before you install Hulu Desktop. Next please install the Hulu Desktop Integration pack 1.0. Once the two installations gets through open Media Center and there you will see an icon for Hulu. When you start Hulu by double clicking it, it first closes the Media Center and then gives you the Hulu interface. On closing Hulu, Media Center is restored to the sate it was before.

Hulu is developed for giving its users the best experience and ability to customise their online viewing of shows. With Hulu users can watch their favourite shows any time and they can also browse through a number of shows and queue them for viewing later. Hulu is absolutely free and charges no money from its users. The revenue is generated by the Advertisements which are comparatively less than that in a regular television set. Though Hulu is streaming media online but it doesn’t work against the copyright laws. Hulu first obtain the appropriate rights and only after that the show are streamed to the users so every thing is 100% legal.

Hulu has its own requirements for getting installed on a computer but if your computer hardware can support Windows 7 then it can also support Hulu for sure, but the only thing to be checked on a Windows 7 computer would be your Internet connection. The internet connection which Hulu demands for smooth streaming should be of or more than 2 Mbps. In case you wish to install it on any other computer than Windows 7 please check the minimum requirements. The requirements are: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor or higher, 2 GB of RAM, Windows XP or Later, 2 Mbps Internet Connection, Flash 10.0.22