Everyone has some kind of affiliation and association with his computer. Those, who are in need of using their computers for official or social networking purposes, they are always looking forward to keep up the systems’ efficiency. Such people love to do different kinds of work on their systems. Adding Metadata to movie files in Windows 7 Media Center is yet another favorite work, which a number of users love to do. If you are also looking forward to do so and you are not being able to understand the correct way of adding Metadata in your music files, then there is nothing to feel bad about it. It is very easy to do so. The addition of Windows Media Center in the latest Windows’ version called Windows 7.

The users have loved this addition, but still it lacks attention of the users because the visual display is not too appealing and the options, which are provided to the users, are quite limited. You can configure Media Center for free of cost, which helps in improving the display and functionality of Windows Media Center. It will also help you in organizing your movies and will give an impressive and appealing look to it. If you do not want to bring any problem, while adding Metadata in your video files, then make sure that each and every video file is properly named.

Being a user, you would love to match the title of each file with the name of the movie, which will also include the spaces as well. Let’s suppose that if you have an .avi movie file with the name of Twilight Saga, then the name of the file should be .avi Twilight Saga. You cannot give the name to the file in a different way. Neither can you give it the name of .avi TwilightSaga nor .avi Twilight_Saga.

You can easily install Media Browser from internet. Follow the installation process and click, ‘Finish’ when it is installed. When you will start Windows Media Center, then you are going to see that the option of Metadata will appear on the front page. Configure the browser first as you have installed it first time and have never used it before. Make sure that the option of, ‘Allow Internet Based Providers’ is clicked. Once you are done with it, then you are all set to add metadata to video files.

Click on the Open Media Browser Configuration Tool and then follow the steps. When you will see the dialog box, which would ask you for the confirmation through User Account Control, then you just need to clock, ‘Ok’ or ‘Yes’. You will find the tab with the name of, Media Collection. There, the option of, ‘Add Your Media’ will be found by you. Click it and then start browsing the folder, in order to add your desired files. You can add metadata in the movie files, from a number of folders. It shows that the whole process of pretty much easy to follow. You just need to follow the instructions.