Microsoft Office 2003 has been ruling the market for around more than 4 years with the top notch quality that it rendered throughout this time. The whole suite has been a selection to many people in their businesses and the complete application suite helps them in many of their deals. Microsoft Outlook is an excellent product authored in the suite that provides you with a little more then communication only. Microsoft Outlook 2003 is way more advanced than the Outlook Express that you get embedded with your Operating system.

Microsoft Outlook 2003:

The main purpose of Microsoft Outlook 2003 is to provide you with ready communication that will help you manage your daily emails and other related communications. This has turned into a information management system recently and you can have information about friends, family and clients in the application. In addition, the Microsoft Outlook 2003 helps you keep a track of your schedules and appointments so that you do not miss a single meeting.

Amongst all the features, the email handling is the best it provides. It gives you secure connection and transfer of email with no chance that your information be leaked. You can further manage a lot of details that are usually important while you manage with your email. There might be instances where your computer will be used by a number of people or you will even have multiple email accounts to manage the communication, in both these cases, you have the liberty to set up all your email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2003.

Set up Multiple Accounts:

The instructions you need to follow are quite simple and one can easily set up multiple email accounts to be used on the same computer through the Microsoft Outlook 2003.

  • Locate the Control Panel from the Start Menu and then make sure that the Control Panel is in the Classic View. Open Mail by double clicking in the list. You will land to the Mail Setup. Click on the Show Profiles link.
  • You will see the Add button in the Mail dialog box, click on that and a New Profile box will open up. You have to fill in the name for the new email account profile that you wish to create on Microsoft Outlook 2003. On clicking Ok, you will fall to the E-mail Accounts wizard.
  • Go for the Add a New E-mail Account and move Next. You will have to move on with the next details such as the server that you have to use for your E-mail. You will have to fill in some technical details that might include the incoming servers and outgoing mail servers so make sure that you have all the information prior to starting this issue. Contact your ISP or the service provider who has given you the email to get this thing sorted out.
  • Click Next again and move on to the next step where you will be congratulated on the setup of your separate account. You can click Finish and move on to the mail setup screen.
  • Next, select the profile name that you have added and click on Prompt for a Profile to be Used. Click Apply and then Ok.

This will set up multiple email accounts on your computer giving you with the opportunity to use the specific profile every time you start Microsoft Outlook 2003.